Who we work with

No company is too small or too big for CWO to manage. We help small, medium, and large business customers. CWO will work with your organization whether you are growing or trimming back. We want to understand your business and tailor our service around your needs.
What we do

The goal of CWO is to ensure that your wireless services are correct for your company, at the lowest cost, all while providing you with the best service. CWO will take care of every element of your wireless services, giving you the peace of mind that you have the best wireless professionals in the business on your side
Who we are

CWO is a group of professionals that have dedicated their lives to understanding how businesses can better manage their wireless needs. We have decades of experience working for the top wireless carriers in the nation, and have a deep understanding on how these organizations and their business objectives can adversely or positively affect you. CWO saw a need for businesses to have a partner on their side, ensuring that they are matched up with the right products and services.
"Allow us to perform an analysis of your wireless bill and see the potential savings for your organization."

Wireless Expense Management Consultation

Complete account analysis identifying opportunity for savings, which leads to immediate reduced monthly costs on your organizations monthly wireless bill.

Ongoing Monthly Account Maintenance

We will be your long term wireless account manager, monitoring billing and making key changes to keep your business connected to its employees and customer base in a cost effective manner.

Wireless Service Optimization

This includes pairing the right services with the correct devices. Get the right advice from someone on your side, instead of relying on sales motivated representatives to recommend only the products they have to offer.

Education and Training

We provide training for clients and their staff on devices and software of both new and existing equipment. All of our training is custom tailored so contact us for a quote today!