About Us

aboutCWO is a group of professionals that have dedicated their lives to understanding how businesses can better manage their wireless needs.  We have decades of experience working for the top wireless carriers in the nation, and have a deep understanding on how these organizations and their business objectives can adversely or positively affect you. CWO saw a need for businesses to have a partner on their side, ensuring that they are matched up with the right products and services.

The Wireless Industry has been evolving at a rate so fast, that keeping up with the best possible wireless plan is a full time career.  This is what we do.  We understand the new trends, the new price structures, the new technology, the new possibilities, and how we can make this work for you.  CWO speaks the language of the wireless bill, and will analyze and audit these charges.

The goal of CWO is to ensure that your wireless services are correct for your company, at the lowest cost, and providing you with the best service. CWO will take care of all elements of your wireless services, giving you the peace of mind that you have the best wireless professionals in the business on your side.

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