Product Lifecycle

The wireless industry is undergoing a product lifecycle change.  Today there are more wireless connections in the U.S. than there are residences.  The wireless industry is constantly being forced to change their business model and in order to combat the pressures of ever increasing profit margin and growing revenue, wireless executives are consistently altering rate plans to meet their targets and maintain their foothold in a competitive market.  In the end the victim of this altering industry is the consumer.

The competition to find new customers, hit quotas, and drive results often causes integrity issues.  Business customers often find themselves on the wrong side of this struggle.  When a wireless account has $2500 or more in monthly cost it is not uncommon for the monthly bill to fluctuate by hundreds of dollars each month.  Business customers are a prime target for unnecessarily expensive rate plans, extra lines, additional accessories, and many other revenue generating sales.

With the business world becoming more competitive and the cost to be competitive ever rising, business owners need to have a partner against unnecessarily high telecommunication bills.  Companies have adapted their own systems to manage their various wireless accounts.  While companies are able to manage these accounts, it is impractical for any professional to stay on top of the wireless carriers to ensure they are paying the correct amount for the services they need.  The disparities can be enormous, resulting in account variations that cause thousands of dollars in unnecessary charges annually.

Today’s business needs to be on the cutting edge of telecommunication products.  By enlisting Chief Wireless Officer Consulting, a business has enlisted a front line partner to ensure that they are not overpaying for their telecommunication services.  Businesses for decades have enlisted many firms to help with accounting, information technology, human resources, marketing, and sales.  Now as wireless technology has become a necessary portion of any business, you must not overlook the need to have a telecommunications expense management firm.