Wireless Service Optimization

100769206Developing a wireless management solution that balances technology, cost, and expediency is a grueling task. At the same time, you are expected to manage a complex wireless infrastructure, understand what you are paying for, what you own, and generate savings. All too often, applying best practices and securing competitive rates is a luxury you don’t have time for.

To further enhance the value of the wireless life-cycle for our clients, CWO offers Strategic Consulting services that combine extensive market knowledge and industry expertise with proven processes and technologies that deliver market leading results for our clients. From securing the best contract rates to assessing your wireless environment for improvements, CWO clients use our vast range of strategic consulting services and expertise to help optimize their wireless environment.

With optimal results being a priority of every client engagement, CWO’s Strategic Consulting Services offer assistance in key wireless life-cycle management:

  • Carrier contract negotiations
  • Device Selection
  • Wireless optimization
  • Carrier Switch
  • Past bill audits
  • Wireless device recycling


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